You'll feel good about using West Direct

West Direct has built their courier service with the environment in mind. We've changed the way we do business to not only provide more accurate and cost effective courier services but to reduce our environmental impact on a day-to-day basis. We do this by:

  • 100% electronic order entry and invoicing. Reducing paper consumption.
  • Our Hub & Spoke system allows for delivery consolidation and minimizes vehicle path redundancy. This means we dispatch fewer vehicles and, in turn, dispense less emissions.
  • Use of zero emission bicycle couriers to all of our downtown deliveries unlike many competitors.
  • Utilizing Bio-Fuel options.
  • Strict no-idle policy.
  • Our office operates under an energy savings program that includes: purchasing energy efficient equipment, lighting and a 100% paper waste recycling.
  • Bicycle Messenger trailers used for large package and box delivery in the downtown core,┬áminimizing the need for vehicle use.

All these policies and procedures enhance our business bottom line, while contributing to your environmental bottom line - achieving a true win/win for all of us.

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