Tech Support

Connection Settings

West Direct Order Entry connects to the West direct servers via multiple IP addresses and ports (if available). This is to provide some redundancy in the connection. If one server stops responding, the client program will try to connect to the next available server.

While the program will function with only one server accessable, it is advisable to allow connection to all servers via firewall rules to allow for a more robust connection.

West Direct Order Entry uses the following IP addresses and ports (outbound connection): ( port 8231 ( port 8405 ( port 8231

If after downloading and installing the order entry program, and are unable to connect, it is possible your company's firewall is blocking outbound connections from our software.

If you are having connection problems, please direct your IT personnel to this page to confirm your company's firewall settings allow an outbound connection to the above listed IP/ports. If that solution does not work, contact West Direct at 403-264-6666.

Label Printing Settings

West Direct supplies label printers to our large volume clients. The label printer is a Zebra LP2824, and uses a 'Generic Text Only' printer driver.

If you are an existing client and have run out of labels for your printer, please contact West Direct at 403-264-6666 to request more labels.

If no labels are printing:

  • Make sure all cables are plugged in and secure. If you are using a switch box, make sure the label printer is selected on the box
  • On the 'Preferences'/'Print Settings' page, make sure the 'Print Labels' box is checked, and the correct printer is selected from the dropdown box. Usually called 'Generic/Text Only printer'.

Labels are printing followed by blank labels

Usually this happens when the printer 'forgets' its settings, and doesn't know what size of labels it has loaded. A simple procedure will usually correct this problem:

  • Make sure there are no existing jobs in the print queue (go to 'Start', settings, printers and faxes. Open up the generic text only printer, and delete any jobs currently in the queue)
  • Locate the power switch on the label printer (right hand side, bottom, rear)
  • Turn the printer off
  • Hold down the green button on the top of the printer WHILE turning the printer back on. Continue to hold the button until it starts to blink, then release the button
  • At this time, the printer will slowly start to feed a label. Eventually the printer will feed 5 to 6 blank labels, then a configuration label will come out, with the text: 'Now in Dump Mode' at the bottom
  • Press the green button once, another label should feed saying 'Out of Dump'
  • Printer has now been recalibrated and should be good to go.

If none of the above fixes your problem, please contact West Direct at 264-6666.

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