west direct technoloGY


At West Direct, we take pride in our environmentally-conscious and technology driven innovations


  • Behind the scenes, our electronic order entry, mobile driver application and invoicing, allows us to operate with any waybills or hard copy invoices making us completely paperless


  • Our technology leading automated dispatch system uses qualitative reasoning to choose the best courier from our fleet to complete your delivery


  •  We have designed a variety of user-friendly customer order entry systems just for you! We are constantly striving to make our customers jobs easier. 

Featuring: No signature Required picture capture


Our newest feature is the No Signature Required Picture Capture. When our drivers are instructed to leave a package at a delivery with out a signature they will attach a picture of where the delivery is left, as well as a picture of the house numbers for verification. To the left you can see some examples of this feature. On our newest customer order entry application you can see these photos conveniently on your order status tab.